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The plant has a development lab with a skilled team in the development of cleaning and disinfection products based on the needs of our customers.
We are constantly working to develop products with maximum cleaning capacity at a competitive price while maintaining the ease of use of the end user.
The development process in our factory is a very strict process that includes stability tests and a lot of tests both in the laboratory and in a group of volunteers in order to ensure a quality product that will meet the expectations of our customer.
We always maintain a full development process that includes all the necessary tests in order to ensure that the customer a completely satisfactory product.
The development process includes:
1. Concept for a new product - developing the idea and defining the desired product requirements
2. Development plan - feasibility, project purpose and schedule.
3. Product Characterization (SSRD) - contents, quality, technologies and abilities.
4. Development of a prototype - presents the important aspects of the product - touch, appearance, activity, connection between parts, and more.
5. Quality tests - verification testing, validation testing, regulatory checking, product aging testing and more.
6. From development to production (NPI) - the process of transferring product from development personnel to operational personnel.
7. Serial production - final finished product, ready for sale after completion of the development process.